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Need Musical Artists for GTA State of Liberty Radio

2012-12-30 15:38:56 by ss4gogeta0

Potential Radio Station Idea Topic - GTA SoL

I was talking around on the official SoL mod forum and I suggested that they should look around newgrounds for some indie artists who would like to be featured in a rather popular mod that would most likely be played by thousands of people (kinda like it is now.) I think this would be good for artists to branch out and get their name out there.

for those of you who don't know what GTA SoL is... It is an immense modification of GTA Vice City that adds the maps of Liberty City (GTAIII), Vice City, and San Andreas into one huge map and features a decent sized online multiplayer fanbase.
More Information can be found by clicking "here"

At the moment we are accepting any genre for submission. So if you have a track, that you would like to share. either reply here or on the forum.

- Jordan


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2013-01-09 15:25:46

Meh, still kinda need some people so we can get this thing going... Ima ask around a bit...